Just dropping a note: The Conspirator

The Conspirator (2010) by Robert Redford

The Trailer:

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have seen this – busy weeks to be precise – but I still wanted to write something about it, ’cause it was actually really good.

It was a tough decision to go watch it. I had seen the trailor – as I have mentioned in my post about Robin Wright – and liked it. But when I sat at home that evening thinking about it again, I remembered it as belonging to a trope  in which a woman is judged by a room full of men – and I do so get tired of movies like that.

Going to the movies seems to involve a lot of convincing on my part lately. But I am glad, I convinced myself to watch The Conspirator. For once, it is an interesting piece of history. Everybody knows the name of Lincoln’s assassin but the story that followed is not so very well known and it is rather a sad testament of law taken into the hands of vengeful men.

The acting is brilliant. Robin Wright and Evan Rachel Wood showed great performances of Southern women who – possibly – didn’t do anything wrong but are still blamed for the wrongdoings of the the men in their lives. James McAvoy shows another strong performance, and Kevin Kline – who is and always will be one of my favorite actors – is so brilliant that I only recognized him halfway through the movie. And playing an arrogant tyrant becomes him quite well.

The weak point of the film is probably that it is a story about a woman told through the story of a man. McAvoy’s character, Frederick Aiken, is also the main character. His fight for justice in the face of a paralyzing crime takes center stage, while the struggle of the woman he is fighting for, Mary Surratt, is pushed to the sidelines. And we are talking about the first woman who had been lawfully executed in the United States (and it is just possible that she was “innocent”) while Aiken quit practicing law after her trial. One wonders who the more heroic figure of the two was… (in case you are still wondering: it was her!).

The supporting cast was another strong point of the film (you really cannot complain about the casting). Beside Alexis Bledel, Justin Long, and Tom Wilkinson, Trekkers will rejoice in seeing Colm Meaney, while Gleeks will cheer for Jonathan Groff (who I don’t like any better now than when he first appeared on Glee).

If you got the time, give this film some attention. It deserves it, and it is certainly not just for people who study the subject – as I do.

‘Cause she’s awesome – Robin Wright

Since I am doing what all bloggers do and visit my blogs about 20 times every day, I am not entirely happy with seeing the name [of that bad actor I was blogging about last] every time I do that. So, because there are bad (male, whatever that means) actors and because there are just awesome (female, whatever that means) actors, I am now opening a new category and it is about awesome actors.

Some people might wonder why I start with Robin Wright. I could have started with Nathalie Portman who just won an Oscar, or maybe Katharine Hepburn who is the most awesome person ever to walk infront of a camera but I start with Robin Wright. One of the reasons is that I just watched a trailer to her new movie The Conspirator. It looks great. Make sure you stop by imdb.com later and check it out if you haven’t already. Another is because I remember her when she looked like this:

This is a publicity shot for Santa Barbara where she played Kelly Capwell. I was obsessed with that show, not because of her (I might write a post on the significance of that show one day but this is not it) though.

I also think that she is underestimated as an actress, maybe because of her ex-husband’s fame. I mean it is not a rare occasion that a female actress is known because she married someone famous and after her divorce gets more famous than him (hello, Nicole Kidman). And with her it would be deservedly so.  I haven’t seen that many movies with her but everytime I saw her she impressed me. There is a raw quality about her that gets more intense as she is getting older (which in her case also means more beautiful… I think, she is stunning).

Even in Pippa Lee which has the drawback that it is about a woman who lived for her husband for twenty years, she draws a character out of a non-character. The skill she shows at her craft is amazing. Luckily, since I have not seen that many movies with her there are plenty out there that I can watch now.

Here we have an amazing actress that is greatly underestimated. I cannot wait to watch The Conspirator (also because I love that part of US-history, not necessarily the killing of Abe Lincoln but the time, the controversy, the sheer madness of it all) and that is in great part because of Robin Wright.

‘Cause she’s awesome!