Back to tv: Pretty Little Liars

The “back to”-reference of the title is due to German tv showing the Back to Future-movies at the moment. And I guess, it is also because I sometimes forget how good tv shows can be. Of course, there will never be another Xena but then I thought there could never be another show like Moonlighting. Then again, was I wrong? I still love Cybill Shepherd (there was actually a time when I instinctly knew how her last name is spelled, these days seem to be over).

As a kid and young adult I watched a lot of tv. I was pretty much addicted and watched whatever was on and living with my parents I see how easy it is to fall back into that habit after not having owned a tv set for several years. But I try to distinguish and mainly watch crime shows with hot female leads…

Anywho, I was watching some tv – or rather some illegal internet sources – lately and I came across Pretty Little Liars. Okay, I read there was some girl-on-girl action going on and I was curious. Curious is over in a way but the show has intrigued me. Which should bring me to another question: why do I enjoy watching teenage shows/movies so much? I am over thirty, people… but maybe that is a better question for my faux anthropology blog.

The show is based on teenage girl books (correct me if I am wrong about the teenage girl-part of this statement) and as other people before me, I don’t want to read any spoilers in the comments, y’all. It’s about four teenage girls who have lost a friend when they were sleeping in a barn on the property of one of the girl’s parents. A year later the main character Aria comes back to town, the body is found, everybody is suspicious and suspecting. A whodunit-glamor-teenage-show in the tradition (if there is already one) of Gossip Girl.

So, history seems to repeat itself for the girls. Not only is Allison (the dead girl) again the center of their lives (as she was when she was still alive since she was the queen bee within the clique) but Aria is falling for her teacher (her dad had an affair with a student a year ago), Spencer is again snogging her sisters boyfriend/fiance (as she has already done a year ago), Emily has another girl-crush (the first one having been Allison, and now it is the girl who moved into Allison’s last home), and Hanna is trapped in some sort of limbo where she is not the queen bee anymore (which she has become after Allison died) but again the girl everybody rejects (her boyfriend, her father, but wait, maybe it is just the male characters in her life). And having the wrong kind of posse does not help either.

Needless to say that I like Emily best, not just because she’s into girls (or not, the writers didn’t seem to be clear about it yet) but because she is soooo cute. I know, teenage girls but I looked it up, the actress is actually 23.

What intrigued me most was how the relationships these four enter do not seem real because these new aquaintances are all suspicious (not the least of them being Maya, Emily’s love interest). But, of course, so are the four girls themselves. Then there is Jenna who was blinded by Allison, and her brother, who consequently took the blame because Allison had something on him. And then there is the question who is sending text messages (and other kind of creepy messages) to the four friends and calls him/herself “A.” Is it Zombie-Allison out for revenge because her friends did not safe her? Is it Jenna who may or may not be able to see? Does her brother Toby help her while he is helplessly falling for Emily and may have the potential to cheat his sister out of her petty revenge)? Is it Aril’s dad? Her new boyfriend/teacher? Her dad’s ex-student/now co-worker/ex-lover? Or someone else entirely? Will it still interest me tomorrow or am I going to be hooked on something else? Like Covert Affair?

I keep you posted.

WTF: I just watched yesterday’s episode. Please, somebody tell me that Emily is not dead… then again, don’t tell me. I have an inkling she is not but if not her… who is? And where is Maya? Suspense!!!