Comedy in Crisis

Horrible Bosses (2011) by Seth Gordon

Bridesmaids (2011) by Paul Feig

Maybe it’s just me but I hate comedies of late. Simply, because I don’t think they are especially funny. Most of the time, I have enough after the trailer and don’t wanna see more because I did not laugh at anything in the trailer – and we all know they pick the funniest scenes for the trailer (I am going to stop writing trailer now). So, these last few years I have watched a lot of horror movies because they make the better comedies.

For some inexplicable reason, I have become obsessed with Jennifer Aniston lately (I don’t know why but it is not necessarily out of the ordinary since I get obsessed with actresses sometimes and get over them… it’s not usually somebody that has been around for so long, though, and I never liked Friends and always liked Courtney Cox much better, so, that is the surprising part…) and this is why I wasn’t too disappointed when my favorite movie theater showed Horrible Bosses in the sneak peek last night. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t have watched it if it hadn’t been for the sneak peek but I have thought about it – simply for the sake of Jennifer Aniston.

And it is not not funny. It has it’s moments, definately. But it also has a lot of this-is-so-not-funny-why-is-everybody-else-laughing-moments. Because sometimes people laugh because they know they are supposed to laugh despite not finding something funny. For example, there is this scene where two of the main guys argue about who would get raped more in prison – each wanting to be the one who gets raped more… This is not funny at all. Seriously, makes one (that is me) wonder if men are not being raped enough (which I wrote for provocation’s sake not because I believe it). But I laughed along with everybody else before I stopped myself, looked around, shook my head (at myself). I said it is an example, and it really is an example for the kind of jokes that we are presented with in comedies these days… there were also some gay quibs that I could have done without, as every buddy movie has to have those.

In my opinion, there is something wrong with comedies – maybe not even lately but for some time now. They are either romantic (straight) comedies I have absolutely no interest in because, well, they are heteronormative and all the same, or they are, I don’t know what to call it, maybe adult comedies with an annoyingly great amount of jokes about excrements, body fluids, and dicks.

No wonder, I haven’t watched comedies in so long…

The sad part is, I love comedies. My favorite movie of all times is a comedy (The Philadelphia Story, 1940). The 30s and 40s produced witty comedies, they were sexy in a way, you would almost call innocent today. Romantic comedies of today try to immitate that style but it is more often smothered by the “love story.” I want to blame There’s Something About Mary for this – as I see it – crisis in comedy. It may not have been the first that had me completely grossed out but it was probably one of the most successful. I mean, yuck!

I really wish that I could say that Bridesmaids which I have watched on Tuesday and deliberately was an example of a more intelligent form of humor. It wasn’t. I liked it, yes, but I have felt a kind of desolation, a discontentment with it after I left the movie theater. It has a great cast and some great messages, yes, but it has also some really disgusting barfing and such… I wonder, do you really appreciate that in a comedy? Really? Well, I don’t. And as I said, maybe it is just me. There were parts of both movies, Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses, that I liked but overall I left the movie theater wanting to punch someone in the face – and I am a friggin’ pacifist, y’all!

I am aware that not all movies that are funny have the sort of excrement humor in it that I hate – but those that are called comedies usually have. Or they are the other kind that I hate, romantic comedies – I don’t know which are worse.

So, where does that leave me and my love for comedies? Nowhere, I am afraid. As by today, I will again ignore everything that is supposed to a “comedy” and will once again concentrate on horror movies. And I will probably get some more 30s and 40s comedies – screwball and sophisticated alike. What else is a person to do to get her laughs on?


Whip It!

Whip It (2009) by Drew Barrymore

The original title may not have an exclamation mark, but I think it does deserve one. And not in the way it is used today by overenthusiastic text messaging adolescents where a sentence is put between an OMG and three exclamation marks (as in: OMG that’s awsome!!!) but in an understated Virginia-Woolf-kinda way.

Whip It hasn’t officially started showing in Germany. I saw it as a sneak preview. I was so desperate to watch a movie yesterday that I would have watched anything but the worst case scenario would have been “Due Date” which is bound to start here next week. I hoped for Machete but got Whip It instead – I was not disappointed, though. How could I have been?

The movie is great. The story may not be innovative (how many times have we watched a girl grow into an ass-kicking swan, now?… not that I’m complaining) but fun. Ellen Page is gorgeous, so was everybody else, and Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut is absolutely positively empowering. I loved it.

So did everybody else. I don’t think that many men would have chosen the movie had they had a chance. But there were actually more men than women in the theater and the room was already abuzz with the excitement, the expectation a screening like that would usually bring. The screen opened to a seen that all the men there dreaded: a beauty pageant… and even I was a little shocked at that. But the next shot showed a girl leaning over a sink dying her hair and I knew it was Whip It. A noiseless ‘yay’ formed on my lips and then I just enjoyed myself. Everybody did. As I said: empowering, fun, girls in short skirts… okay, I may not have mentioned that last one but it was definitely there.

The actresses involved showed skill on the track, they were tough, they were charming… and Pete, were they hot! There was also some serious lesbian subtext going on (especially between Rosa Sparks (Eve) and Eva Destruction (Ari Graynor) in the hot tub…).

And because you were especially good today (not that I would know) I give you… Zoe Bell’s bruise:

I hope you liked.

And… OMG this movie is F***ing awesome!!!