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Halloween Galore: A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) by Wes Craven

I don’t know if you knew but I L.O.V.E. horror movies – that is horror stories. Ever since I started reading Stephen King’s IT (it was the German version back then) for the first time when I was ten I simply am fascinated, enchanted, hypnotized and amused by horror stories.

So, what better to do on Halloween than watching a classic (well, not in the I-am-watching-a-silent-horror-movie-way, more in the I-am-impressed-with-how-Wes-Craven-reinvented-horror-movies-during-the-80s-way classic)? I went for A Nightmare on Elm Street since it was the only movie from that time that the vid shop had – the vid shop in my hometown is a really good one, they usually have all the wonderfully disturbing 80s nostalgia I can watch but my guess is that there is not a one horror fan among the guys (it is only guys) who work there so it is mainly remakes of the good ones….

I have watched it before (I remember my sister obsessing over Johnny Depp when he was on 21 Jump Street and her forcing me to watch it as side-effect of this obsession since she was too much of a coward to watch it alone) but didn’t remember much of it. What is always the most fascinating is the back-story: where does the monster/human turned serial-killer come from? What’s his (and let’s face it, it is usually a HE) story?

And, of course, it makes perfect sense that Fred Krueger comes back to haunt the dreams of the kids of the people who have killed him. I guess, I should have inserted a spoiler warning but, honestly, has anyone not seen this movie? Or at least the remake?

I am usually not against remakes of horror movies. The original The Texas Chainsaw Messacre, for example, was forbidden in Germany until after the remake got released on DVD. So I went to watch the remake. Still, when I read about the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street some time back I thought: Without Robert Englund? You must be joking!

I guess there are some actors we will always link to a certain role they played and the role back to that actor/actress. I haven’t seen that many original horror movies from the 80s because I didn’t know back when that I loved horror stories (I only found out these last five years when all the remakes emerged and I watched them all, that I may be a little twisted that way).

I am pretty much hooked on horror… and if only for the reason that most horror movies make better comedies than movies advertised as comedies…