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Equals – my ass…

As some of you might know I am a fan of – and I think some of you might be too, and if you’re not you should be. I enjoy a lot of what they do and actually even written an essay about it. There are writers writing for that page I enjoy reading a lot and one of them is Dorothy Snarker, she is witty, she is intelligent, and has pictures of women in tank tops on her own blog ( – a lot.

Today, as today is International Women’s Day, she had among others this video on her blog and I wanted to share it with you (and not just here but on my other blog, too) because it is important and as Dorothy Snarker says “awesome.”

Enjoy – and also think about a little:


I blog – it’s what I like to do

I am currently involved in four blogs – one of them is almost over, as is the semester here in Tulane, New Orleans. Another one will end when I am back in Germany, so two left. And this is the one where you will find “movies ‘n’ stuff.”

I love the movies, I love going to a theater, smell the popcorn, drink my Cab yellow, and watch a movie. Any movie, really. Yes, I watch bad ones, too, and I will tell you about them, too. Let’s face it, our taste when it comes to the celluloid screen is not impeccable and sometimes we just happen to sit in a very BAD movie. It happens. Sometimes we sit in a good movie and then there are those in between and beyond.

I will try not to retell, I will try to criticize. I will try not to drool over my favorites, I will try not to break anything if I accidentily should walk into a Tom Cruise-movie (it would be more likely to be kidnapped into one of those than me accidentally walking into one, actually). But I will tell… the good, the bad, the rest.

I am a rather opinionated person and I am not necessarily nice but I also try to be polite and I hope you will grant me the same courtsy if you leave a comment. This said, enjoy the read.