Back to tv: South of Nowhere

You may not know this but I loved South of Nowhere – or as little of it as I was able to download from the net. I have only watched the first season but it was a great show that unfortunately only made it through three seasons.

This was a show that never made it to the German tv screens and it really is a shame because as far as drama goes, and teenage struggles, and sexuality among teenagers, it was really good. The good news is, they want to make a movie out of the show and they (cast and crew) want you to watch these two videos – that is, 100.000 of you until April 27 (thank you to

So, here you go, watch:


Well, I hope the movie will come, this all looks really good (I can’t fathom how much I missed those characters – except for Glenn, of course).


Equals – my ass…

As some of you might know I am a fan of – and I think some of you might be too, and if you’re not you should be. I enjoy a lot of what they do and actually even written an essay about it. There are writers writing for that page I enjoy reading a lot and one of them is Dorothy Snarker, she is witty, she is intelligent, and has pictures of women in tank tops on her own blog ( – a lot.

Today, as today is International Women’s Day, she had among others this video on her blog and I wanted to share it with you (and not just here but on my other blog, too) because it is important and as Dorothy Snarker says “awesome.”

Enjoy – and also think about a little: