Back to tv: Warehouse 13

I came to realize something this year which may have been true before but never so clear as now: tv shows are better than movies. I have been very disappointed this year by the lack of really good movies coming out (especially those that ran under the big sail of “blockbuster” were disappointing). So, I turned to tv a lot and that’s where the really good stories were told this year – and, of course, before this year as many of the really great shows this year did not just start. One of those great shows is Warehouse 13.

The warehouse itself is a secret hiding place for artefacts that is protected by a secret society that operates worldwide. Warehouse 13 is situated in South Dakota and Secret Service agents Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) are being recruited to secure artefacts that are being used to create mischief and store them in the warehouse (“snag ’em, bag ’em, tag ’em”). They work under Artie Nielson (Saul Rubinek), an elderly agent with a temper and a past, and with young Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti), who’s a wizz at the keys and has quite a mouth on her. The warehouse’s keeper is Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder), a woman who is closer attached to the warehouse than anyone wants to admit or think about.

One great thing about this show is the fact that we have actually more female than male characters – and yes, this is important because it is such a rare occurance in tv (and movies…). It is an ensemble show and the chemistry is delicious, it’s fun, it’s quirky, and at times silly. The whole show has an undeniable quality of fan-hysteria. You just have to look at the long list of science fiction related guest stars: Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, Lindsay Wagner, Rene Auberjonois to name a few – and you know: here are people who love science fiction.

The light-heartedness is broken by great dramatic story-telling under the helm of a personal favorite: Jane Espenson whose credits cover many a Josh Whedon project, plus Battlestar Galactica, plus Gilmore Girls, etc. No wonder this show is AWESOME.

And then there is subtext, and I don’t mean anything to do with Pete and Myka. Love finds nerdy agent Bering in the second season with villain H.G. Wells (yes, the writer who is coincidentally a woman – her brother provided the mustache). Well, H.G. turns out less the villain and more of someone who is hurting a lot – and really we would forgive Jaime Murray’s lovely face just about anything.

There is a lot to love about the show, and believe you me: I love it all! (There is actually not a single thing I do not like about this show… nothing to rant about… hell, I feel a little bit cheated by the lack of wrong on this show…)


2 thoughts on “Back to tv: Warehouse 13

  1. Glad you like our show. As much as we owe credit to Jane Espenson for being one of the creators, she has had nothing to do with our show even before the pilot was shot. Jack Kenny has been our show runner since the first episode if season one.

  2. Hello, Mr. Rubinek.
    Thank you for leaving a comment.
    You are, of course, right with your criticism. As I said, Ms Espenson is a personal favorite, thus the mentioning. I am not always giving credit where credit is due. My blog is only semi-informative – all-opinionated, I’m afraid.
    Best, C.

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