Back to tv: Body of Proof

Dana Delany. I don’t know if you know who she is but if you don’t you should feel like you missed out on something. At the moment, I am so obsessed with her that I am actually watching bits and pieces (mostly lesbian bits and pieces) of Desperate Housewives and I was never into that show. Anyway, when I was at my parents’ I caught onto this show and I think it is great.

BoP is a crime show, nothing new there. To me, it feels like a mix between Bones and Rizzoli & Isles. It’s about Medical Examiner Dr. Megan Hunt (Delany) who was a brilliant neuro surgeon until five years ago when she had an accident, leaving her with paralysis in her right hand, which is only acting up so often but she killed a patient because she still worked on brains afterward. Her marriage came undone in the aftermath and her lawyer husband, Todd (Jeffrey Nordling), got full custody of daughter Lacey (Mary Mouser). Megan changed fields and is now an equally brilliant ME. She is making up for that one patient she killed by finding out what killed others.

You guessed it, the main appeal on this show for me is Dana Delany who plays the lead (a role that has actually been written for a woman 20 years younger than the woman playing her – which makes me really happy). But there are other factors that make this show great: two more bright, strong, and beautiful women among the main players, for once. And one of them is none other than Jeri Ryan. Yes, I have admired her since her days on Star Trek: Voyager and she was the main reason for me to tune into Boston Public. I really like her, not just because she has incredible bone structure but because she can act. Go figure.

The chemistry between the characters works great. It’s an ensemble show and the characters are all likable. They have their differences (especially with Megan) but at the end of the day they are a team.

So, is this the perfect crime show we have all been waiting for? Certainly not. There are at least two factors that get on my nerves some: while the chemistry among the characters is great, it seems to slip when these people get involved – with each other or anybody else. The premise is, of course, that Megan and her partner, Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop), a medical detective, have it in for each other. But they don’t want to go there too fast or too obviously, so, mainly everybody they are dating is kinda wrong for them anyway. Still, they will probably not make it anyways because the writers seem to have made a virginal unapproachable out of Megan. She is so clever, so witty, so above it all that there’s no man good enough for her.

Pretty much the same goes for Megan’s boss, Kate Murphy (Ryan). She actually went out with Megan’s ex-husband and this relationship created a rupture between the women that I could have done without. Would I rather dig Megan and Kate together? Of course. But not just because they are both women, but because they seem to genuinely like each other, they have awesome chemistry. I know this is not gonna happen but making enemies out of these two over a man… that was some bad idea.

The other bad idea is that the powers that be seem to shuffle episodes around. Sometimes the storyline seems off, and Kate was sexting Todd before they had actually met. Weird and confusing that one. What little character development there is seems to go back and forth because of this and I don’t really see why they are doing this.

Despite these faults, the show is good. And it is so good because of the strong female characters and the affirmation of strong female characters that can totally hold their own. These women don’t play second fiddle to anybody and it’s good to see a cop show where the female count actually (almost) equals the male. Why is that so important? Because it repesents life.

Picture left shows Sonja Sohn as Sam Baker.


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