Just dropping a note: I’m Still Here

I’m Still Here (2010) by Casey Affleck

Another sneak preview and for the first time I am actually disappointed. And I am also not really sure what to make of this movie “experience.” Is Joaquin Phoenix a f***ing genius or just a spoiled brat actor who needs to get his act together? I don’t know, then again, I don’t much care either way.

I was never what you would call a fan of Phoenix though I consider him an able actor, talented, tortured. But many have been those things before him and did not need to make a movie of it. Sure, it was entertaining at times but at some point I stopped laughing and asked myself: so what? He is white, he’s heterosexual, he earned a lot of money with what he claims tortures him. Why not quit then? For real?

I have heard this story too often already and am tired of it. I know that white heterosexual men think they are so interesting and afflicted and that their stories concern everyone – well, try being a woman for one day, or a queer person, or someone of color… honestly, you wouldn’t survive!


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