Just dropping a note: Source Code

Source Code (2011) by Duncan Jones

Another Thursday, another sneak preview. It was exciting, everybody was bouncing in their seats and then the movie began and it was Source Code – and it took me awhile to remember that I had watched a trailer (fortunately, I pretty much watch all trailers on imdb.com on new films… I don’t want to miss anything). And I also remembered that it was not on my list of “to watch” films.

It was entertaining enough: a story about a soldier who is sent into the life of a passenger on a train that has been bombed earlier to find out who bombed the train since that person planned on detonating a dirty bomb somewhere in Chicago later that same day.

It reminds one a little of that Scott Bakula show, no, not Enterprise, Quantum Leap. And yes, I am old enough to remember that show.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the lead and plays it well, while we see Michelle Monaghan as his love interest Christina for whom he ultimately “saves the world.” But it is Vera Farmiga who leaves one breathless, not just because she looks stunning in a uniform but because she is an awesome actress – you may remember her from Up in the Air, the only movie in which George Clooney was not the sexiest person.

The movie on the whole was okay, though sometimes unintentionally funny. All in all it is a story in which a male hero saves the world a lot – in a train. Quatum Leap meets Die Hard. Next time why not think about a female hero who does all the shit – and saves the girl…?


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