A few words about – Charlie Sheen

I am not sure but I think I remember a time when I liked Charlie Sheen. Or maybe I never considered him important enough to think much about him. But I remember watching Young Guns and Men at Work and they were okay films but even then I liked his brother, Emilio Estevez, better… at least today I like to think so.

And, of course, everybody loves Hot Shots!, well, at least the first one; we all know that sequels suck, right? I couldn’t even say, when I first thought that guy was just wrong. Was it when I first read that he had a habit of beating women or was it when I first watched an episode of Two and a Half Men? What came first? Did these events somehow coincide? Does it really matter?

I have heard people (read men) talk about the show and how much they love it. That was reason enough not to watch it. But then there are those lazy Saturday afternoons with nothing on (I am not sure when this show is really on… I think Tuesdays, but Tuesdays can be even worse than Saturdays, really – at least on German tv they can) and so I tuned in. I guess I liked the fact that Holland Taylor was on the show and the ever lovely Melanie Lynskey… and I guess that was the first time I doubted some actresses’ judgement as to what they are starring in.

I mean, what the f..k?! Is there actually something more stupid and sexist on? And do people really find it funny when a guy is pretty much a whore, probably spreading diseases galore?

But that is the show and there are actually no words to discribe how BAD it is – and not in the good bad way.

And then there’s the star who gets millions of dollars for one episode (yeah, I know that the show has now been cancelled – that was word back then, I wish they had stuck to it – and it wasn’t millions but one point something million, but who is counting?)… for being even worse than the guy he plays in real life. Great role model that one…

What actually annoys me is not the fact that he probably has another ten shows waiting to be made with him (although…) but that the tabloids don’t tire of showing him and reporting about him and that I have to see his ugly face everywhere! I am usually not this emotionally outspoken but that guy beats women and gets away with it… no, not only gets away with it, he is obviously (or was) rewarded for it!

And he’s not that good an actor, or is he? And here I was thinking that I couldn’t hate any actor more than Tom Cruise – and I was mistaken. Again.


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