Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010) by David Yates

I did not watch HP and the Half Blood Prince at the movies, it was mostly my stupidity that got me left with watching the DVD when it was finally available and I wasn’t that impressed… maybe because it was only the DVD. But this one… I LOVED. And I mean it.

Given, the 7th book had its lengths, especially when they were waiting for something to happen in the woods, in the tent, but fortunately the movie does not have these – or maybe only a little. I finally thought of the sight of the tent as a running gag, it cheered me up during the dark narrative when Ron leaves and Hermione and Harry are all alone…

Okay, I put that in there on purpose but I had this notion ever since the third movie: don’t you think that visually Hermione and Harry are a much better match than Hermione and Ron? Of course, Ron and Harry make a cute couple also, but… I don’t know. Could be just me.

I think what I liked best about this movie was that there was soooo much Hermione. For me, who always thought that she should be the hero of the books, it was perfect. Emma Watson was perfect.

So was Helena Bonham Carter. I like Bellatrix’ approach on things, straight-forward, mad-eyed. She’s such a wonderful villain – much better, by the way than Ralph Fiennes who seemed almost comical at times (and I am still wondering if his nose will ever grow back…).

There were some things that were missing in comparison to the book, of course. I mostly missed Dumbledore’s funeral. Hence, one (read: me) was a little confused at the scene when Voldemort plundered Dumbledore’s grave. The scene looked a little out of place…

We finally meet Ron’s other brother, though. What was his name? Bill. Still, no word of Charlie, and Percy seems to have disappeared as well and with him the whole discussion of him being a spy for the Ministry of Magic. A pity, really. I liked his pompousness in the first (I think) two movies.

Still, an overall very powerful movie. Loads of action, fast editing, great additional characters, though I think Narissa Malfoy is a little colorless (well, her role is not very elaborate, so, I guess it is to be expected).

In the end, Ron was right: He and Harry would not last two days without Hermione (or two hours, for that matter).


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