A few words about – Mel Gibson

This is a category where I would like to say some things about people I do not like – at all. I will not post pictures here ’cause then I would have to look for them and look at them and I really do not like looking at these people.

Mel Gibson is currently my new number 1 in least likable people. Given, I never liked him to begin with but until now Tom Cruise always held the top spot. Why not anymore? Because I see Gibson a lot lately, mostly because he is said to have beaten up his ex but I also read that he is doing another movie with Jodie Foster.

I am amazed that Gibson is just losing his marbles now. He has been in the business for so long but these last few years he’s really gone off the deep end. Could it be that it has gone downhill for him since he seperated from his wife? Or is it maybe just that noone is keeping him out of the press? What about domestic violence during his marriage? Did he just discover his tendencies to violence now or did his wife just never tell anyone? I wonder about these things.

I also wonder about why anyone – let alone Jodie Foster – would want to make a movie with Mel Gibson. He was never that much of an actor (I am still not over his puppy-eyed Hamlet, y’all) but he was at least good for an action movie, any action movie, really. And Bruce Willis has proven that there is really no age limit to play these parts, so why doesn’t Gibson stick to those (then I wouldn’t have to see them ’cause I scarcely watch action movies). But the things he said lately, about gays, people of color, Jewish people… wouldn’t these things have anyone else lose their jobs permanently? Just ask Isiah Washington, right? But not Mel Gibson… well, his agents thought differently, obviously, and seperated from him but as long as there are still people willing to give him jobs. And yes, I know Jodie and Gibson are friends (which I also do not get…) but does she have to give him a job because of that? Well, I guess, it is a good thing to have friends in the right places but with some people (take politicians, celebrities, what have you) you wish they hadn’t.


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