RMB: TV shows and the women I watched them for

Ah, tv. It is a beautiful thing after all. I mean, most of the time there is nothing on and when something is on it sure as hell is not what you wanted to watch so mainly tv sucks. But over the years – and I am beyond 30 after all – there were some good things on. We had good times, me and my tv set – back in the days when I still had one that is.

I don’t know how we got to this topic but my sister reminded me of some male characters on tv I had crushes on (like a million years ago) and I told her that it was mostly the women I watched shows for even if I did not know it then. This is not to say I only watched those shows for the women – at least I hope I never did that… much – they were good shows, I think. Of course, good shows before Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and after those shows are two different things but let me reminisce some of them.

Moonlighting – Cybil Shepherd

Don’t tell me this wasn’t one of the best shows ever! I loved it. I still hate Mark Harmon for it – or rather the role he played in it. And, of course, I had a huge crush on Cybil Shepherd. The thing is that I never was into Bruce Willis. With this show I actually never pretended that I liked the male character because I was so into Maddie Hayes. I did not question that back then, I was in my teens, I had no clue, mainly.

The show was fun, I am sure it was sexist on more levels than I dare recall right now. But what wasn’t during the 80s?

Santa Barbara – Nancy Lee Grahn

This was a daily soap during the 90s. Most people were absolutely enchanted by the Cruz-Eden-vehicle (played by Marcy Walker and A. Martinez – and yes, it sometimes scares me that I recall all those names from the top of my head). But I have always loved lawyers (and lawyer shows) and so it was Mason and Julia for me. He was an alcoholic, she was  tough on the outside but insecure inside. And she was hot – still is (with dimples!).

I was, again, head over heals but talked myself into believing it was Mason AND Julia, the chemistry between them. So, my sister still mocks me for having had a crush on Lane Davies (I mean, he’s not that bad as men go but…).

Cagney & Lacey, Sharon Gless

Ah, back in the 80s when cops were still writing things into notebooks and did not have cell phones but walkie talkies! Good times, good times. And let’s face it, as far as cop shows went, Cagney & Lacey was the best. I have just bought the first season on DVD and though sometimes you have to roll your eyes at the machismo of the male colleagues, Cagney sure was butch and had some machismo of her own.

Of course, I liked both women but since Lacey always reminded me of my mom having a crush on her would have been sooo wrong in sooo many ways. The show’s pretty conservative but still it had two female cops who worked well together, there was little jealousy (unless you believe in subtext – I do needless to say), they genuinely liked each other, they had great chemistry. Try to find something like that on tv today!

L.A. Law – Susan Dey

I did not watch this show often – since I was mainly too young for it – but I loved it. And I loved Grace Van Owen (I actually did not remember the actress’ name but had to look it up). Together with Julia Wainwright (Santa Barbara), Nelle Porter (Ally McBeal), and Olivia Novak (Street Legal) she was one of my favorite lawyer characters.

I like to remember L.A. Law as one of the shows I was not supposed to watch but did when my parents were not there. I always remember that I know many actors from this show like Susan Ruttan, Jill Eikenberry, Michael Tucker, Jimmy Smits and Corbin Bernson and Harry Hamlin (I still knew all of these names but I always think of the character Susan Dey played rather than herself). Good show, good characters.

I guess I could make a series of this topic since reminiscing makes you remember more things than you bargained for. For example, I just remembered Cynthia Dale who played lawyer Olivia Novak on Street Legal, a Canadian show. She was not only hot but I actually loved her name so much that I used her family name for a character in one of my stories. Not to mention that I took the actress’ family name for my first pseudonym: Grace Dale. Man, all those shows, all those crushes, the thoughts evolving around characters… I was destined to become a Xenite, and a fanfiction writer… there are things you simply cannot escape.


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