Being Erica

Okay, let’s talk tv for  a minute. I think, ever since Xena was cancelled I kinda lost my faith in tv. In Germany I don’t even own a tv set. But since I am here I have found some shows that I would actually watch and the newest of those is “Being Erica.” What is refreshing is that it is a Canadian show. At least, it is filmed in Canada and they don’t pretend it’s L.A. or whereever “The X-Files” was supposed to have played.

“Being Erica” is about a 32-year-old who is given the chance to go back in time and change things in her life. Things, she regrets, things, that may have changed her life in a small way but still have an impact on how she sees things. It is a little annoying that many of her decisions have to do with her search for “the one” but it is interesting that they counter that with the possibility that there might be “the none” when she has to edit a book of that title – a book that is actually about her.

We have some queer characters – Erica’s uncle is gay, one of her colleagues might be (or maybe he is just a straight man who acts like a stereotype of a gay man), Erica had a short fling with Cassidy (Lost Girl‘s very own Anna Silk) which did not work out but they are still friends, kinda… and correct me if I am wrong but Dr. Nadia – I would have stuck with her, and if only to see her in that fantastic dyke-outfit again (but that’s just me, I am sure).

Most of the fun, though, comes from the wonderfully goofy lead Erica Strange (how can you even live with such a name – with that name even I would consider marrying…) played by Erin Karpluk and if she looks familiar you should look up her rap sheet on imdb.

I like the idea of the show. Going back, changing something. I am a scorpio and I am told that scorpios are likely to get closure rather easily. And I do not regret that many things in my life… but I guess, there are always a few regrets, things we rather had not said or done. Yeah, defenitely.


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